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NOTARY CERTIFIED TRANSLATION IN ALL LANGUAGESWe offer faultless translation of official documents, diplomas, court orders and other documents from all common languages to Turkish and from Turkish to other languages thanks to our specialized certified translators.

CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETINGIn this service option, the speaker takes a break after saying a few sentences and allows the interpreter to translate the notes taken by him/her so far. As it does not require any special equipment, it is more affordable and less difficult than simultaneous interpretation, it is particularly ideal for small meetings, police station inquiries, statements given in court hearings and escort services.

SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION Simultaneous interpretation is a type of service provided for large-scale events that have a high number of participants, by using specially-trained interpreters, special sound systems and interpreter rooms. In this service option, the interpreter does not wait for the speaker to take a break to translate, but he/she listens and at the same time translates what he/she hears to the audience.

NOTARIZATION AND APOSTILLE SUPPORTIn order to present certain documents to foreign authorities, apostille certification must be obtained from the official authorities of the country. For this procedure, we obtain notarization and follow up the apostille procedure on behalf of you as free of charge.

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